Reflections Requirements and Responsibilities

It has been awesome building in SL and working with Shaye in this assignment – we didn’t have a single argument (not that I thought we would).  Shaye and I have worked quite well together before so I knew we wouldn’t have any problems in this assignment.  My suggestions to future students who are wanting to work in a team is that communication is very important, compromising and giving and taking of ideas definitely helps.  Shaye has been a valuable asset in this assignment, I don’t think it would’ve all come together like it did without her input, suggestions, great scripting abilities and building contributions.

Building has brought out some of the creativity I had back in high school (20 years ago), which I had left behind way back then.  I’ve had such a great time with this assignment, it’s a bit sad to be finishing.  Shaye and I have both put heaps of effort into creating this build and I’m so pleased with the final outcome.

Final Photos

Retro Level

Romantic Level


Fulfilled requirements:

Total number of prims – 590 prims were used
Three different primitive types – Box, Torus, Cylinder, Hemisphere, Spere…
Four different forms of prim manipulation – Twist, Hollow, Path Cut, Taper
Different textures and colours throughout the build – appropriate textures and colours were used.  Along with texture repeats, rotation and offsets.
Texture manipulations – Glow and shininess
Appropriate use of multiple textures on a prim
Appropriate scale for purpose both in construction and texture use


At the start of this assignment my responsibilities were mainly based around the building / visual complexity and Shaye’s main responsibilities was scripting / complex interactivity.

A list of the work I’ve done

Items built / created

All walls, floors, door frame and roof (including bench on top of roof) in the build.

Retro Level:

  • Staircase
  • Stage
  • Welcome frame (instead of arch) with sign texture ‘Welcome to Selma and Shibby’s Dance Club’
  • Notecard giver (Shaye created notecard and scripted notecard giver)
  • Sculptie sofas (Single seater and 3 seater) and cushions
  • Some coloured spotlights
  • Animated Disco Balls with prim movement and scripted sparkling particle system
  • Sign suggesting Environment settings should be changed to ‘Midnight’
  • Round Teleport pads

Romantic Level:

  • Large tinted window
  • Both Dance Hearts with dance animations and sparkling particle system.
  • Couples dance balls with animations
  • Red curved Sculptie sofas and cushions (scripted by Shaye)
  • All lamp stands (Shaye has scripted them with light)
  • Coffee table
  • Round textured rugs
  • Textured ceiling
  • All textured floors
  • All coloured and wallpapered walls
  • Some texture pictures on the wall
  • Textured Banister
  • Colour change Occupancy lights for the changing rooms (Shaye modified the script)
  • Large mirror and bench in toilet
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Final Days: 24, 25 June

Romantic Level

In the last couple of days Shaye and I have been working hard trying to get the finishing touches right.

Wall Colours

After experimenting with colours Maroon and Mushroom on the walls for the Romantic level, Shaye and I decided to use them.  I liked them because they complimented each other and contrasted with the red curved sofas.  I also liked Maroon because I lived in Brisbane so I’m a Maroon’s supporter.

‘Environment Setting Signs’

Shaye quite liked the environment setting of Midnight for our build and  suggested we advise visitors to set their environment to Midnight.  She wrote that in the notecard avatars will receive at the entrance way and I created some signs to put on the walls.

Heart Balls and Disco Balls

Our disco balls (male and female) both originally contained animations for male and female that I had gathered here and there.  This afternoon I sorted through them and placed animations where they were supposed to go.  Male avatars looked funny dancing with female dance animations.  The disco balls all have particles, animations and scripts.  I had to modify the scripts so that they were more appropriate for our build.

Waltz Dance Balls

Previously I’d created some Slow Dance balls for couples but wanted to add some other kind of dance balls which brought more movement.  I bought some Waltz animations, created some dance balls and placed the animations and script inside them.  I modified the script a bit which made it relate more to our purpose of the build and it worked great.

Additions (To make the level look more romantic)

Heart fountain: We added a Heart Poofer Fountain that I bought.   Unfortunately it only turns on and off when I click on it and I think it causes lag so I won’t have it on all the time.

Rugs and chocolates: We decided to add round rugs to lay under the red curved couches.  I added a heart shaped box of chocolates that avatars could receive a truffle if they clicked on the box.

Curtains: Last night, upon Shaye’s suggestion, I bought some curtains for our large window.  The curtains were quite small but because they had full permissions, I was able to unlink them and modify them to make them fit.


Lights: Shaye scripted the lamp stands in the changing rooms, dance area and toilet to more powerful glowing lamps.  They suit the build much better.

Dance Poll for the Retro Level: I left out the dance poll that was in the Design blog because I wasn’t sure about the animations that came along with it.  They deemed quite racy and I wasn’t sure whether we could find some G rated dance poll animations anywhere.

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The main problems we had was in regards to the Permissions when I would build an item and Shibby would script them.  I would set them as full permissions but for some reason Shibby still wasn’t able to script the object or modify them.  It was quite frustrating.  Sometimes Shibby had to create her own prims so she could script them.

Last week Aaron suggested we ‘Deed’ the objects.  This worked in solving our Permissions problems but then I discovered that I couldn’t take copies of the object or modify them.  Fortunately I had some copies in my inventory and made sure I took more copies of everything else I made before deeding them.

Difficulties: I found choosing colours for the walls challenging and creating a texture of curved lettering for our Welcome sign to go on our arch very difficult.  We got around the curved lettering problem by creating a doorway frame entranceway instead of the arch.

I think that’s all the problems and difficulties we had.

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Week 5: 10 – 16 June

Week 5 had been the busiest week because of exams and assignments that were due so I wasn’t able to spend much time on the build.

Retro Level

Welcome Arch

After realising our rounded arch was going to be difficult to texture we decided to change it to a doorway frame shape.  This way I was able to create a simple Welcome sign texture in Photoshop and upload it into SL and texture the front of it.  It was alright for my first attempt.

Colourful Spotlights

Shibby and I created some lights for the Retro level.  We were able to get the light from Isa and I had some Spotlight sculptie maps.  We had to link them and make them Phantom so avatars could walk through the light.

Glow Stick Rezzer and Group Joiner

I gave some glow sticks to Shibby who created a Glow Stick Rezzer that avatar’s could click on to receive a glow stick.  But afterwards we realised only members could take the glow stick into our inventories so we decided to create a Group Joiner.  I bought a Group Joiner poster in SL Marketplace and Shibby scripted it.  We had a tiny bit of difficulty with getting our Group ID but I was able to google how to get it and had to create a prim and place a script inside it.  When I clicked on the prim it gave me our Group ID.

Romantic Level 


We needed lights for the dance area of upstairs (Romantic level).  Shibby tried adding some coloured spotlights but didn’t like them, so I bought 3 different Chandeliers from SL Marketplace and we chose the one we thought looked best, the biggest one.  It was already scripted to turn its lights on and off so that was a good bonus.


Shibby and I both created some pictures for the walls (since they were a bit bare).  I created the prims and we each textured them.

Wall Colours

One of the difficulties I found was in choosing colours for the upstairs (Romantic Level) walls.  We tried red walls for the dance area, but we had red curved couches so it didn’t look right.  I just left the walls red at this stage.

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Week 4: 3 – 9 June

Week four to be honest hasn’t been as much fun as the previous weeks because I haven’t had many new objects to build.  The majority of my time has been making some adjustments here and there and choosing colours for certain items.

Changing Rooms

During the week I found wallpaper that Shibby and I are happy with. The process of texturing the walls that accommodate the doors was quite tricky, because the wallpaper has thick patterned strips that run along the bottom and certain parts had to be aligned correctly.  The wall itself is linked by 3 different prims so it acquired a bit of patience.


In the toilet I decided to create some wall lights that turns on and off when you flick the switch.  Shibby will also be making some lights and switches for our build.

Choosing Colours

Shibby and I chose purple for the downstairs back wall and coloured the staircase orange.  They match our 2 single seater sculptie chairs and cushions.  I think the bright colours look great.  They’re a lovely contrast to the black floors, walls and dark grey ceiling.

Couple Dance Pose Balls

At the end of the week I was able to create a set of dance pose balls which contain scripts and dance animations for each of the balls. I’m thinking of creating an Intan to house the pose balls.  Avatars would be able to click on the intan which will rez the balls for every couple.  Shibby and I have also discussed creating a rezzer which will contain glow sticks that avatars can rez and take into their inventory and then wear.

Week 5…

My challenge for week 5 will be creating a texture to place on our Welcome Arch at the entrance which will read: ‘Welcome to Selma and Shibby’s Dance Club.’

For the Retro level, Shibby and I have discussed creating a rezzer which will contain glow sticks for avatars to wear while dancing.


I’m very pleased with our progress so far 🙂

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Week 3: 22 May – 2 June

Changing Rooms and Toilet

This week I was able to finish building the walls and door frames for the changing rooms and toilet.  Shibby created the doors and scripted them to open and close.

I also created Vacant / Occupied lights above the changing room doors that change colour when someone is inside the room or near each changing room door. Inside the changing rooms I attempted to apply wallpaper to the walls and added wooden floor textures and sheep skin rugs to the floors.

Dance Pose Balls

For a little extra fun I added some couple dance pose balls that I bought to the upstairs dance mat, which I will attempt to create myself.  Downstairs I added a ‘Salsa’ Dance Line and may attempt to create myself later on (if I can find the right scripts).

Sculptie Sofas and Cushions

We had a bit of trouble getting some sculpted sofas for our build but I decided to buy some from SL Marketplace.  The sofas came in pieces so I had to create each piece and build the sofa (3 x 4 seater sofas and 2 x 1 seater sofas).  This wasn’t difficult at all and once they were built I was able to colour them and add some sculptie cushions.

Sculptie Sofas ready for Shibby to script.


Shibby and I still had some permissions issues but we trudged along and were able to complete what we had to do.

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Week 2: 20 – 26 May

20 May (Sunday):

My first creations ever

While shopping in SL Marketplace for interesting items to buy for the build, I came across some coffee tables that had been created with some basic prims, textures and manipulations.  Then I realised I knew some of the basics, could probably try and make my own coffee table instead of buying some.  At first I thought it would probably take me hours making just one, since I would probably have to adjust all the different parts until they were the right size – but I remembered Shift+Drag (My wonderful time saving friend) and before I knew it, 20 minutes later and my first coffee table was complete with the frame, twisted legs and a glass top that I had created using Transparency.  Another 40 minutes later I created other coffee tables, including a round coffee table with textures we had used in class to create our lamps.  I was really wrapped.

I also created a sitting bench for the rooftop for avatars to take advantage of the view from up there.  It is a great view I really enjoy taking a break for a moment to relax up there.

21 May (Monday):

New Facilities

That morning, it dawned on me that we had lots of space to utilise on both levels.  Then I thought of what kind of facilities they would normally have at a night club and then I had an idea of adding a Rest Room and a couple of Changing Rooms.  I had been to a handful of sims with nightclubs and realised that when I got there that I wanted to change into different attire, so I asked Shaye whether she thought it was a good idea and she agreed.  She also suggested we add a Staircase and I liked that idea.  It also gave me the creative drive to build something else so I was very keen.  In regards to building a toilet she added the words ‘If you get time.’  Of course I was excited about creating the new facilities, so I immediately made time, sectioned the Top Floor (Romantic Level) for the Changing Rooms and Toilet.  Then I took out a part of the floor for where the new Staircase would go, in the back right corner.

Creating Changing Rooms and Toilet

By that evening the changing rooms and toilet (with Toilet, basin, mirror and urinal) created and I built a temporary staircase (ramps) where the staircase would go.

Temporary Ramps

23 May (Wednesday):


Wednesday I tried my hand at creating some lighting for our Romantic Floor, so I replicated a couple of lamps I saw on SL Marketplace.  I thoroughly enjoyed creating the little light bulb parts and fittings and then putting the whole thing together.

 24 May (Thursday):

The Staircase (My biggest challenge to date)

Prior to Thursday we had tried to think of what kind of staircase would be appropriate.  Were we going to have a straight staircase, one that would have a landing midway and then turn in the opposite direction (which seemed the easiest solution) or a spiral staircase.  I knew I could build a spiral staircase because it could be created with basic prims and I knew I could build anything with basic prims.  My main concern was the amount of patience necessary to build this thing and I wasn’t sure that I possessed enough of it to complete the task.  Knowing the staircase could be completed spurred me into action and I was determined to reach my goal of completion.  If I had any doubt that the task could not be completed, I would not have attempted to build it at all.  The entire process took around 5 hours because I had to create each little piece and join them together.  At one point I realised I had to make each step wider and relink each one with its own post, so it had taken a bit longer to complete.

Building the Staircase

Staircase Complete

When the staircase was complete, I was happy that I spent those hours creating it.  The only thing I wasn’t satisfied with was the railing.  Joining each piece of handrail that needed to appear curved with straight thin cylinders is quite difficult.  I need to make some further adjustments so that it doesn’t look…weird and wonky.  Overall I’m pleased.

Other completed items:
Welcome Arch

Notecard Giver

Curved Sculptie Sofas (Romantic Level)


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